Opioid Misuse: Supporting Your Substance Abuse Counselling Physician

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The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that more than 130 Americans die from opioid abuse each day. Substance abuse counseling centers understand the risk of prescribing opioid medications. They try to reduce prescription as mentioned under the CDC guidelines. American recovery center includes physicians who help patients get back to normal.

You might think, how can every individual support the fight against opioid misuse. Well, each of us has a significant role as a human being. In fact, the American recovery center emphasizes actions that each of us can play to bring better awareness about the epidemic. Each community can help to stop further misuse.

Learn What Is Opioid Addiction

Now, the subject covers a broad topic. By learning about opioid addiction, you have the knowledge to advocate in the fight against opioid misuse. Here’s what our drug addiction treatment centers focus on:

  • Visit a reputable website and collect information about opioid addiction. 
  • Look for scholarly articles, current studies on opioid use disorder
  • Searchsubstance abuse counseling near me” on the internet or visit a local rehabilitation center

Debunking Misconceptions About Opioid Misuse

The stigma that comes with opioid addiction is the most harmful thing that’s running around society. These misconceptions are one of the biggest challenges that every patient faces at some point. Therefore, if you come across such misinformation, you can use the right information to let the other person educate. In fact, we recommend informing them politely of the truth.

Common misconceptions include

“MAT or Medication-assisted treatment reinstates one addiction with another.” But MAT helps to counteract cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

“People need the willpower to face treatment.” Substance addiction is a disease. It changes the brain’s working capability; therefore, treatment is the only solution.

I can say whatever I want to an individual with an opioid addiction.” “Junkies” or” addicts” are pessimistic words; calling these terms to a patient will only discourage him from receiving help.

Understanding the Medications For Drug Abuse Treatment

You have the option to go for a range of medications for opioid addiction treatment. However, the MAT treatment is considered the gold standard in all of the treatments. Nevertheless, this can be further subcategorized into 

  • Methadone
  • Suboxone

Both of these medications come with agonists, i.e., Buprenorphine. While methadone has been there for a very long-time, Suboxone was approved by DCA in 2002. Naloxone present in Suboxone has a significant effect. This medication helps reverse opioids by detaching them from the brain receptors.

If you search “drug treatment centers near me” online, you will find a range of healthcare facility center that offers free naloxone and training. Here, our drug addiction treatment centers focus on how naloxone can keep society safe.

  • Find a naloxone training center. You can visit and learn to apply naloxone in the event of an overdose.
  • Get it from a pharmacy or an organization. Many initiatives may provide free of cost.
  • Store naloxone in your house. An overdose happens without a call. Naloxone can help you respond quickly.

Teach Others to Fight Opioid Abuse

We have provided some efficient ways to support your physicians. These techniques will help you fight the opioid epidemic. Remember, you need to pass this knowledge to others. You can join a local organization or an online community and spread awareness about the harms of opioid addiction. Educate your friends and families

Getting Help from Substance Abuse Counseling Near Me

If someone you know is facing an issue with opioid addiction, get help from a local addiction center. You have the option to go for sublocade treatment, which is the latest form of treatment. Google “sublocade doctors near me and choose the best facility center. To seek an appointment at a local recovery center, search for “recovery centers near me” over the internet.


The first step to recovery is admitting. Make your recovery process more smooth with the best physicians. Learn more about the services.

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