Everything You Need to Understand About Substance Abuse Counselling

Substance Abuse Counselling
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An opioid treatment program is a medication-assisted treatment in a highly regulated and structured environment. The drug addiction treatment centers treat substance addiction with prescriptions certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These OTP have received certification from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association (SAMHSA) and can dispense sublocade treatment.

Medications are designed to block the painful symptoms of opioid withdrawal. It cuts the illicit use of opioids and ensures participation in the other elements of a treatment program. While there is a range of therapies available, suboxone has been used widely to carry the program. 

Buprenorphine, approved in 2002, is a significant drug that helps suppress and reduce cravings for opioid abuse. Naloxone that comes with suboxone causes immediate withdrawal symptoms. 

American Recovery Center For Opioid Treatment Programs

The opioid treatment center provides outpatient treatment. While suboxone is the most popular choice, many patients are referred for methadone. However, treatment with suboxone requires fewer visits, but past drug abuse factors also depend upon the program. 

The antagonist present in suboxone help prevents withdrawal symptoms. This can substantially stop the illicit use of opioids without the pain and emotional stress, which often lead to relapse. Patients can include MAT into their school or work schedule. This allows them to get treatment without putting life on hold. 

Meanwhile, OTPs provide individual /group counseling to support and develop necessary recovery skills. Also, MAT is one of the most affordable forms of treatment for substance abuse. To know about the treatment process, you can always search “sublocade doctors near me.”

Common Process for Treatment

While medication-assisted treatment programs have proven to be highly efficient, the process is where its significance lies. Two primary form includes


The detox process is generally running for a short period. The medication is typically for a brief period, perhaps a few days or months. The medication will block symptoms of withdrawal until the person no longer abuses the opioid in their system. Finally, a patient tapers off the medication until they aren’t taking any at all. 

Some detox processes may not use MAT in any form. Instead, medical staff removes the drug from the body using close medical supervision and symptom management. One may not need to go for comprehensive support services or long-term counseling. 

Residential Rehabilitation

Most people think addiction treatment means residential rehab. These programs are the right choice for people with histories of overdose, multiple relapses, dual diagnosis, and other mental health conditions.

These programs usually stretch for 30,60,90 days; however, there is variation among many drug addiction treatment centers. Likewise, residential rehab ensures close supervision to prevent relapse. As clients pay for accommodations and treatment, residential rehab seems to be financially draining. Clients have even faced the problem when transitioning back to their daily lives after a rigorous, structured treatment process. 

What You Should Expect from An Opioid Treatment Program?

If you are wondering whether you are eligible for the treatment, here’s how they work. The good news is that eligibility is not highly restrictive; you must 

  • Be 18 years of age
  • Have valid identification
  • Have opioid as the primary drug of abuse
  • Have evidence of opioid addiction
  • Agree on the terms and condition of the treatment

If you aspire to know more, don’t delay seeking substance abuse counseling near me over the internet. 

Finding Drug Treatment Centers Near Me

Now, receiving treatment for opioid addiction is more than easy. You will come across several opioid addiction treatment centers that can mend you the right path to treatment. You can search recovery centers near me and review their treatment. Joining the right treatment program is the best way to increase your chance of a successful recovery. 

At our treatment center, we focus on client care and customer service. If you’re willing to learn more about our program, we invite you to reach out with a call and begin the recovery process today.

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